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segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2018

~ once upon a dream: Dubai, please be good to him

May I tell the world already? May I open up my chest and shout out load from the deepest of my lungs to everyone that he's coming? Boy, he IS coming. I mean my boy is coming! Is this for real? Guess I will only believe the moment we swap roles and he passes through all those security guys at the airport and runs into my arms for a change.

I cannot believe he is coming and will never be able to put into words how much this means to me or how huge is this in my (our) life.

We've always love these make believe games where there's no room for constant goodbyes and we get to spend all night, all nights, together sharing the same bed - our own bed and not of an hotel room or something like that just night after night. I've always imagine we live under the same roof everytime he's around and we get to argue about these unminingful little stupid things like how he struggles to get a piece of the covers during the night, how he always leaves the toilet bowl lid up and all the clothes around the bathroom floor before (and eventually after) he gets in the shower. Everytime he meets me there I like to pretend it's my everyday routine. 

Whenever I'm with him I try not to count the days left until our deadline is finished and hate everyone who asks about it or even to talk about it, yet always make the effort to memorize every inch of his face and body, his arm reach and how I fit perfeclty there on my safe place within his arms, the strength of his hugs, his voice, gestors and way of convincing me that our time apart is never for too long. This time we don't have to pretend. No more playing these games again.

Now I get to be a real housewife. Apparently now it's for real. Just a little trial - oh but such a HUGE deal for me! - of what our life together might be in the future. We've done this before of course, gone on holidays, spending weeks together only us two but never with this intensity or for this purpose. He's becoming also a part of this 'second life' of mine. This time is really happening. Finally he's here. Hopefully next time for good (inshallah!). Dubai, please be good to him.

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